​Samantha Anderson (ALR Program Facilitator SMD Services)

Kurrent Motion's hooping workshop was an absolute blast! Karrie is a gem to have lead a group! She was patient and gave one on one help to those who needed a little more assistance. You can tell from the energy she gives off she genuinely loves hooping and sharing it with others. The group had a fantastic time and anyone who has the opportunity to take one of her workshops shouldn't wait to sign up! 

Shawna Masters Director (School Age Child Care Program St. Avila School)

Kurrent Motion came and presented a great, interactive program with the children in our program. Our age range is from grades 1-6 and Karrie was able to capture the attention of all age groups. The workshop she did encouraged participation and made all the children feel great about their ability to learn to hula hoop, despite the varied levels of experience. They all had a great time and still enjoy practicing what they learned! 

C. Hum (Hoop Class Participant)

 Karrie's classes are wildly fun and each day you learn so much. She is a great teacher! Everything is so well explained and easy to follow. I would highly recommend these hula hoop classes to anyone who is even a tad bit curious. It is so much fun and a great way to exercise (without it really seeming like a "work out").

K. Klassen (Hoop Class Participant)

As a senior, I have thoroughly enjoyed Karrie's classes. I can already feel the improvement to my core and enjoy every minute of hooping! Think about it.....hooping or burpees and planks. The latter doesn't make you smile.