Our Poly Pro Hoops are made with the highest quality 5/8" tubing, complete with a lightweight poly-carbonate connector and an EZ Clip bush button for convenient travel.

Poly Pro Hoops

What is a Poly Pro Hoop?

Poly Pro Hoops are very light-weight and are designed for fancy tricks and fast pace flow. Perfect for the advancing Hooper!

How To Find Your Size!

When it comes to finding your perfect Poly Pro Hoop it depends on what you seek to achieve and your skill level. On-body movements are easier with a larger hoop, while off-body tricks can be more achievable with a smaller hoop. Popular sizes range from 28" to 34".

Have Questions?

Feel free to get in touch if you unsure what size or colour you desire. We can arrange an appointment for you to sample hoops at our downtown location. This is the easiest way to find the your perfect hoop!

Poly Pro Hoop Colours

Poly Pro Hoop ~ Aqua Seaglass

Aqua Seaglass

Translucent Blue Turquoise 

Poly Pro Hoop ~ Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Wild Rose Pink with Iridescent Gold Finish

Poly Pro Hoop ~ Metallic Purple

Orchid Royale

Eloquent Purple with Metallic Finish

Poly Pro Hoop ~ Ferrari Red

Ferrari Red

Vivid Red with Matte Finish 

Poly Pro Hoop ~ Teal Shadow Pearl

Teal Shadow Pearl

True Teal with Metallic Shine

Poly Pro Hoop ~ Jedi Black

Jedi Black

Intense Black with Subtle Sparkles

Poly Pro Hoop ~ Mandarin Spice

Mandarin Spice

Pastel Peach with Iridescent Pink Finish

Poly Pro Hoop ~ Electra


Magenta with Iridescent Purple Finish

Poly Pro Hoop ~ Kalypso


Blue Green with Iridescent Purple Finish

Poly Pro Hoop ~ Copper


Rich Copper with Metallic Finish

Coiling Your Hoop!

Watch this video to learn how to coil your Poly Pro Hoop for travel!