How to...

Coil a Beginner Travel Hoop

Watch this 2 minute video to learn how to open and close a Coil-Able Travel Hoop!

Coil a Poly Pro Hoop

Watch this video to learn how to coil your Poly Pro Hoop for travel!

Waist Hooping

Hooping is easy when you have the right hoop and helpful instruction. This step by step video will have you hooping in no time!

The Hinge

This off-body hoop movement is perfect for beginners. Great for strengthening arms and improving posture. 

The Revolving Door

This fancy, yet simple, hoop movement is playful and captivating. A great move for transitioning the hoop from off-body to on-body.

The Off-Body Pass

This off-body movement is great for increasing range of mobility and improving coordination.

The Off-Body Twist

This off-body movement is much easier than you may expect. Sure to be your new favourite move!

Hand Hooping

This fundamental movement is easy to learn and opens lots of possibilities for new and fancy tricks!

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