Adult Fitness Hoop

Adult be

This hoop is designed to ensure your success with waist hooping and a variety of other movements. 

Coil-Able Travel option now available!

Kids & Youth Hoop

Durable Kids Hoops - Kurrent Motion Hoops


This Hoop won't kink, break, or loose shape. Perfect for hula hooping, hand hooping, and floor games!

Poly Pro Hoop


New Colours Have Arrived!

Perfect for the advancing Hooper.

This light-weight hoop is designed for fancy tricks and fast-paced flow!


How Are these Hoops Different?

Our moderately weighted Adult Fitness Hoops are designed to ensure your success with waist hooping and beyond. While our Durable Kids Hoops are guaranteed never to kink, break or loose shape!

Each hoop is hand-crafted with care in

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!


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What is my Size?

Whether you are seeking an Adult Fitness Hoop or Durable Kids Hoop, simply measure the distance from the floor to your belly button. This measurement, in inches, is the size of hoop needed. If you are between sizes, go with the larger. 

Remember, the bigger the hoop the slower it moves, giving you more time to find the rhythm. 

Adult Fitness Hoops

Adult Fitness Hoop


Designed to ensure your success with hula hooping and beyond!

Our hoops are moderately weighted and larger giving you more time to find your rhythm when waist hooping. This versatile hoop can be used in a variety of off-body movements as well. 

Perfect for Boosting

Cardio, Strength, Balance, 

Coordination, Mobility & More!

Available Sizes

Extra Small 38"

Small 40"
Medium 42"
Large 44"

Tubing Thickness: 3/4" Outer Diameter

Hooper Starter Set




This set is ideal for on and off body hoop movements and is perfect for adults and kids to enjoy hooping together!

Coil-Able Travel Upgrade


This hoop is a pleasure to take on

Planes, Trains, Automobiles & Bicycles!​ 

Just like our signature Adult Fitness Hoop, this hoop is designed to ensure your success. In only seconds your can coil it to half its size making it a breeze to take it with you to the office, gym, or on your next vacation. 

​​This upgrade can be selected 

during check out!

Available Sizes

Small 40"
Medium 42"
Large 44"

Tubing Thickness: 1" Outer Diameter

Durable Kids & Youth Hoops

Durable Kids Hoops


This hoop will never kink, break or loose shape!

Perfect for a wide variety of on or off body movements ranging from waist hooping to floor games. The humble hula hoop has a magical way of inspiring movement and imagination going far beyond cardio and core strength.

Hooping Has the Ability to Promote Physical Literacy, while Inspiring Creativity & Play! 

Hoop Sizes Available

Extra Small 20" 

Small 25" 

Medium 30" 

Large 34"

Tubing Thickness: 1/2" Outer Diameter

Youth Fitness Hoops


Ideal for young Hoopers, ages 12-16, looking to master waist hooping and beyond!

This moderately weighted hoop* is just right, not too big and not too small, making it ideal for waist hooping, arm hooping, and plenty more!

Hooping is a playful social pass-time that effortlessly boosts mood and self-confidence!

Hoop Sizes Available

Small 34" 

Medium 36" 

Tubing Thickness: 3/4" Outer Diameter

Need a Heap of Hoops?


Bulk Hoop Bundles

Perfect for Schools, Daycares, & Fitness Centres