1.) Hula Hooping? Like I did when I was a child?

Sort of. Hula Hooping, also known as Hooping or Hoop Dance, has evolved from the childhood toy that first gained popularity during the late 1950’s. In the past 20 years or so it has become a form of creative expression and playful fitness. Spinning the hoop around your waist is only one of the many ways you can move with your hoop. Twirling, tossing and spinning the hoop on your hands, moving it up and down your body, or rolling it across your back are just a few examples of other movements. The possibilities are endless! 

2.) Is Hooping for everybody?

Of course! There are Hoopers of all shapes and sizes. It is an activity inclusive of any age, gender or skill level. It is even safe for seniors. The hoop is very versatile and doesn't fit into one single box or category, it takes on so many different forms depending on the Hooper. This is why it is a fabulous tool to bridge the gap of play between all generations. 

3.) Can I use hula hooping to get in shape?

Yes! A common curiosity is "how many calories does hula hooping burn?" Hooping is a low-impact exercise capable of burning 100 calories in only 10 minutes, all while strengthening and toning your whole body. In fact Karrie, Hoop Play Instructor and Founder of Kurrent Motion, lost 75lbs (35kg) from hooping. Also, it is certainly worth mentioning that hooping creates new neural pathways in the brain; keeping the mind sharp and aiding against dementia. The benefits of hula hooping are truly endless!

4.) Will I enjoy hooping?

I don’t doubt it! Hooping boosts serotonin, a chemical found in the gastrointestinal tract, responsible for feelings of well-being and happiness; which improves mood, sleep, and even memory. Also worth noting, hooping promotes self-confidence and is known to be an effective too for those struggling with depression and anxiety. 

5.) I don't know any other Hoopers? What if I feel silly hooping?

Totally natural! You are, after all, trying something new and taking yourself out of your comfort zone. However, know that there is a world-wide community of Hoopers out there. It is a community that has encouraged and maintained a loving and up lifting environment since its early beginnings. A fabulous website that has upheld this community since the very start is This is the hub of the online community where Hoopers share pictures, stories, videos, and tutorials. Basically if you see a stranger walk by with a hoop, think of them as a friend you haven’t met yet! 

6.) What if I'm not very coordinated?

No problem! In fact, Hooping improves your coordination, balance, flexibility and mobility. Not to mention it helps you become more spatially aware. As you become more familiar with you hoop you will find your “Flow”. This is when you begin to express your own hooping style!


7.) Why Can’t I just go buy a kids hoop?

As an adult you wouldn't wear a child's shoe! Why would you use a child's hula hoop?

First thing you need to know is: the bigger the hoop, the slower it move, giving you more time to find the rhythm. This is why kid hoops just won’t do for most adults; they are much too small and lightweight to keep up around your waist. Kurrent Motion’s Adult Fitness Hoops are moderately weighted (2-2.5 lbs) and larger, designed to ensure your success with waist hooping. Best of all, unlike toy store hoops, these won’t kink, break, or loose shape!

8.) I am ready to buy my first hoop! What size is right for me?

I am delighted to hear you are keen to start hooping! To find the right size hoop for you, measure the distance from the floor to your belly button. That number, in inches, will be the diameter of the hoop for you. If you find that you are between sizes, choose the larger one. You will be hooping in no time! 

9.) I am a total beginner and can't even waist hoop. Are your classes meant for me?

Absolutely! The Hula Hooping Fitness Classes are designed with the total beginner in mind! During these classes you will not only master waist hooping but explore the fun and benefits of off-body movements. From there you will be introduced to transitions, these enable you to seamlessly change between moves.

10.) I have no space in my home to hula hoop. How will I practice?

This is a common problem for many, especially for Winnipeggers during the long winter months! Thank goodness for the Winnipeg Circus Club! A variety of skill artists meet every Sunday from 1-4pm at the Broadway Community Centre (185 Young Street) to practice in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. This is a great place to not only practice your hoop skills, but also meet and share moves with other Hoopers. During the nicer months Kurrent Motion hosts outdoor hoop jams at parks around the city. Follow Kurrent Motion on Facebook to stay in the know. All ages, genders, and skill levels are welcome. 

Still Have Questions?