Term 2 ~ Hoop Flow ~ Nov & Dec ~ Mons ~ 6:30 to 8pm

Class #1 of 5


Straight Up!

Hand Hooping, Body Wraps, Hoop Hugs and other wonderful ways to think outside the hoop. 

S. Osborne Monday November 18th



A Look At the Edge!

Grip changes for flow and manipulations in the horizontal plane featuring the Lasso & Twist.

S. Osborne Monday November 25th



Left Brain Meet Right Brain!

No mistakes! Rather opportunity for creativity. Best demonstrated by the Escalator.

S. Osborne Monday December 2nd



Bring A Hooper-To-Be For Free!

Explore the ins and outs of Old School Hula Hooping and Modern Hoop Flow with a friend.

S. Osborne Monday December 9th



Fancy Badassery!

Flourishes are the fancy, yet simple & deeply satisfying, tricks that make you a badass.

S. Osborne Monday December 16th

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Lord Roberts Community Centre

725 Kylemore Ave

Nov 18 to Dec 16

6:30pm - 8:00pm


What Do I Wear?

Dress for comfort! 

Active wear such as yoga pants and t-shirt/tank top. Consider layers that can be removed, you will warm up quickly. As for footwear, indoor non-marking shoes are best. Runners or walking shoes are ideal as they provide grip and protect your feet when the hoop drops.


Top 10


New Hoopers


What Should I Bring?


Be sure to bring a bottle of water. 

Also avoid cumbersome jewelry such as long necklaces, dangling earrings, or large rings. Don't forget your favourite Hoop, if you have one! Should you desire to purchase a hoop bring cash, debit, or a credit card!

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Terms & Conditions


To reserve your space in the class, please purchase your pass via the shopping cart system online. If you require an alternative payment method get in touch.

Upon completion of your payment your enrollment in the class is confirmed.


Participants must be 13+ years of age *minors must accompanied by an adult*

Please ensure that you seek professional medical advice before undertaking these classes. Particularly if you have not exercised in a long time or if you have any uncertainty about your health and physical fitness. Kurrent Motion strives to ensure safe practice for all participants. However it is important to be aware of possible risks and injuries, including but not limited to, bruising of waist, hips, hand & legs. 

It should also be noted, you are not a true Hooper until you have been hit in the face with a Hula Hoop. Sorry.


 Life happens! We understand completely, so you have options:

a.) Your pass is valid for 3 months from purchase date and can be applied to another location or month within that time frame.

b.) By written request, you can gift your pass to a friend or family member.

c.) If you become ill or physically unable to use your pass within the 3 months from purchase, a certificate or letter from your doctor can be submitted to your instructor. At which time, you will be granted an additional 3 months extension to your pass expiry date. 

*Refunds will not be issued*

By purchasing this class pass you are making a commitment to attend and agree to the terms and conditions stated above. 

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