Schools & Daycare Workshops

School & Daycare Workshops - Kurrent Motion Hoops

Available for Pre-School and School Age Children!

Hoopy Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties - Kurrent Motion Hoops

Options for small and large groups!

Events & Performances

Events & Performances - Kurrent Motion Hoops

Ambient Animation, Hoop Jams, & More!

School & Daycare Workshops

Daycare Workshops


These workshops are available in 30 or 60 minutes lengths and include playful games and activities. Participants will explore hoop movements such as waist hooping, and other captivating, yet simple, tricks. Hoops are provided in a variety of sizes to ensure the success of each student. Groups of no more than 25 participants are preferred. To wrap up each workshop there will be a hoop performance to amaze and inspire!

**Build-a-Hoop Workshops are also available for school-age children**



First 60 Minutes ~ $150

Each Additional 30 Minutes ~ $50

Full Day (5+ Hours) ~ $500

Mileage Out of Winnipeg ~ $0.50 per Kilometer

Taxes Included

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Hoopy Birthday Parties



This option takes care of the activity and the party favor all in one!


Party-goers will decorate their own Durable Kids Hoop with a variety of sparkly, holographic, and bold colourful decorative tape. 

Following the hoop decorating, participants will learn the basic of hooping and a few fancy, yet simple, tricks during a 30 minute lesson. 

Lastly participants will be treated to a hoop performance designed to inspire and amaze!

Kids Party: $150 ~ includes 5 Durable Kids Hoops.

Additional participants: $15 each.

Adult Party: $150 ~ includes 3 Adult beginner Hoops.

Additional participants: $30 each.

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Think Outside the Hoop


This option is perfect for larger parties and includes 1 complimentary Durable Kids Hoop!

During this workshop participants will warm up with a variety of games and activities. 

Once acquainted with the hoops, party goers will learn waist hooping as well as other playful, yet simple, tricks. 

Hoops are provided in a variety of sizes to ensure the success of each participant. 

To wrap up the workshop, the instructor will give a hoop performance designed to inspire and amaze!

Rate: $150 

Length of time: 60 minutes

Space for 25 participants.

Fun for all ages!

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Events & Performances

Hoop Performances


Hoop Performance

Be amazed by dazzling tricks and impressive skills as the hoop twirls around in mesmerizing patterns. This show is available with eye-catching performance hoops or LED glow hoops for night time shows. 

Ambient Animation

This style of performance needs no stage! As the title suggests, the performer roams about the event creating a lively and playful atmosphere. This is an excellent way to draw crowds!

Rate start at $100



Hoop Workshop

This workshop is designed with the beginner in mind! A superb way to get your guests up and moving. Available options include structured 30 or 60 minute workshops

Hoop Decorating

A crafty space for participants to decorate a durable hoop that will last for years to come. Hoops and tape are supplied

Rates start at $150



Hoop Jam Station

Simply a designated area where participants can play with hoops and come and go as they please. Perfect for School Picnics or Live Music Events. Hoops will be provided in a variety of sizes for all ages and skill levels. An instructor will always be present to teach and inspire.

Rates Start at $150

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