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"A simple plastic circle inspired me to play and pursue my passion. It is a creative outlet effortlessly brings joy to my everyday life."

~ Karrie Blackburn, Hoopist & Founder

My Mission


To promote a lively creative outlet for 

all ages, genders, and skill levels.

Dedicated to building a vibrant hoop community, and ensuring everyone's success when learning how to hula hoop.

My Goal


Since the beginning,

Kurrent Motion's goal has been to share the awesomeness of the Hoop! 

To share a skill that incorporates 

cardio, strength, and coordination in a safe and encouraging environment.



Our Fitness Hoops Will Ensure Your Success!



Hula Hoop Exercise For Beginners & Beyond!



Entertainment, Workshops & Parties!

Karrie Blackburn ~ Hoopist & Founder

With 5+ years of teaching experience, Karrie has introduced thousands to the joy of hooping!

Since discovering hooping for exercise during the summer of 2009, Karrie shed 75lbs in just 2 years and discovered her talent & passion. Her love for the hoop and zeal for adventure empowered her to travel to study, teach, and perform with hoops in 15 countries.

Karrie established Kurrent Motion Hoops in Winnipeg, Canada on April 1st, 2015.

See Karrie In Action! Visit Kurrent Motion Media



  Karrie's classes are wildly fun and each day you learn so much. She is a great teacher! Everything is so well explained and easy to follow. I would highly recommend these hula hoop classes to anyone who is even a tad bit curious. It is so much fun and a great way to exercise (without it really seeming like a "work out"). 


 As a senior, I have thoroughly enjoyed Karrie's classes. I can already feel the improvement to my core and enjoy every minute of hooping! Think about it.....hooping or burpees and planks. The latter doesn't make you smile.